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Gut Health and Immune Health [Video FAQ]

Today, I want to talk about a very important topic, which is gut health. Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve probably heard more and more about how important the gut is for your immune system, the function of your brain, the assimilation of nutrients.

So many things are tied into your gut. In fact, we know 70% or more of your immune system is related to your gut. The neuro-transmitters of your brain, like serotonin and dopamine that regulate mood and sleep and focus are related to the gut. And it’s really clarified as your second brain.

How To Your Gut Health and Immune Health are Related

Watch the video now! Prefer to read? Here ‘s the gist of what else Dr. Tim spoke about in this video clip.

What is Leaky Gut Syndrome?

Many people unfortunately have what’s called leaky gut syndrome. And I want to explain to you a little bit about what this is.

Maybe you’ve heard it before, but don’t fully understand it? We’re going to clear that up today, show you why it happens, and go through exactly what you can do to repair that damage and help your body heal itself naturally, to restore that normal digestive and gut health.

So looking at this chart here, this basically shows what’s going on. Your gut should be a closed system from the opening of your mouth all the way out through behind. Now, your gut lining should look like this, where there’s lots of healthy bacteria. There’s, what’s called your microbiome. There should be a digestive lining that keeps all the toxins and the bad things out and all the good stuff in.

What happens over time is stress damages and inflames the gut lining. This includes all kinds of stress:

  • Emotional stress that releases negative chemicals.
  • Chemical stress, which can be toxicity and is very common with things like glyphosate and genetically modified foods, pesticides, and herbicides.
  • Animal products that are treated with hormones or vaccines.
  • Medications, even vaccines themselves, carry major neurotoxins that cause damage to the gut lining.

The damage and inflammation to the gut lining causes all the good stuff to start to die off and get damaged. This especially happens with antibiotic use and when toxins and other bad things are allowed to get into your gut.

How Gut Inflammation Causes Immune System Problems

Leaky gut creates inflammation, irritable bowel syndrome, colitis, ulcerative colitis. All kinds of issues can come from this, but it also really affects your immune system because now things that are in your gut are going into your bloodstream. And that stimulates the immune response. Now we’re talking autoimmune disorders, inflammatory conditions, allergies, food sensitivities that can all be related to gut issues, which further leads to all kinds of issues included a weakened immune system and mental focus problems.

How To Reduce Gut Inflammation

Eliminate Causes of Gut Inflammation

So there’s a couple of ways we can help with this. Number one is you want to eliminate the cause. So eat organic foods, avoid genetically modified foods, if possible avoid medications and vaccines that carry these dangerous neurotoxins, take care of your spine.

Most people don’t know that the lower part of the spine actually regulates the nerve supply into your gut and your digestive system. So subluxation of the spine and misalignment affecting the communication through the nervous system can actually be a contributing cause to leaky gut issues and prevent the body from healing naturally.

Restore Your Gut

There’s also a gut protocol we use here in the office, called the total gut restoration. This is through Microbiome Labs, one of the leading natural gut health companies that’s out there and they use some of the most advanced technology in three different phases. Their research shows in just the first phase alone, patients are showing a 60% improvement in leaky guts symptoms and situations. And with all three phases, over 90% resolution of these issues.

Phase 1 – Probiotic

So the first phase here is the Mega Sporebiotic. Now you may be thinking I’ve taken probiotics before. This is a different kind of probiotic. Most probiotics die before it actually reaches the gut. It gets killed in the stomach or somewhere throughout the bowel.

This is in a spore form so it’s protected until it gets all the way down to the bowel. Then it opens up and repopulates the healthy microbiome.

Phase 2 – Prebiotic

The next phase is the prebiotic phase. Now this is really important. Let’s say you just planted seeds for grass. That’s what the sporebiotic is. Now you need to fertilize it. You need to water it. You need to help it grow. That’s what a prebiotic does.

So in month two, phase two, you’re still doing the sporebiotics. We still want to be planting the seeds. We do the prebiotic. Now we’re starting to fertilize those seeds so they can grow. It also starves the bad bacteria that you don’t need so that starts to die off.

Phase 3 – Repair Digestive Lining

You’re still doing the sporebiotic and the prebiotic. Now you’re also doing the Megamucosa. This is important because it repairs the damaged digestive lining.

Now that we’re re-growing and repopulating the microbiome, we want to repair the damage that was done. So this can be a closed system and it’s a long-term solution. So you’ll be adding this in, in the third month.

Does Your Gut Health Need Help?

As you’re continuing to make healthy changes, repairing the gut, restoring nerve supply, you can see a huge improvement in less inflammation, more energy, stronger immune system, better assimilations of nutrients, weight loss, more clarity, and energy and better sleep. So many things start to improve as you take care of your gut.

This is a process that we specifically work with here in the office that is practitioner only, and we can help you through this. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to us here in the office.

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