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What Is a GMO and How Does It Effect Me?

As doctors committed to preventing disease – and finding actual causes of disease when they do arise, it gets complicated to find answers. Not only are there issues with “what” people are eating, but also with “how” what they’re eating is being grown or raised.

At New Life Chiropractic, we know that health is produced from the inside-out. If you maintain good function and balance within the body, you’ll experience both prevention and lasting good health. Interfere with function and create imbalance, and no matter how you feel today – you’re developing a problem tomorrow… and you may already have a problem now.

The Problem With GMOs

An enormous challenge to maintaining health now and in the future is “how” modern food is being raised. Which also raises the question, “Should food be modernized?” An ever-growing method to food production is through genetic modification. Foods that are genetically modified are called Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO’s) and are making their way more and more into your kitchens, food stores, and restaurants.

A genetically modified organism (GMO) is an organism whose genetic structure has been altered by incorporating a gene that will express a desirable trait, often termed gene splicing. In other words, a GMO is an organism that has had its DNA changed or altered. In humans, an abnormal cell, or an altered cell, is called a cancer cell. Many times these organisms are altered to be able to handle an extreme amount of pesticide and not die, that added toxicity also goes into you when eating these common GMO products.

The United States ranks among the top in the number of crops that are modified. Today, the Grocery Manufacturers of America estimate that seventy-five percent (WOW!) of all processed foods in the U.S. contain a GMO ingredient. The problem is that we – as the consumers – do not know which foods are altered and which foods are not.

It seems more and more information is coming out, and more research is being done on GMOs. When independent labs run a study, the results are downright dangerous. For example, in a study in 2006 where researchers fed rats modified corn, it resulted in liver and kidney failure as well as hormonal changes. Sound familiar?

Corn, tomatoes, rice, honey, grape seed, potatoes, flax, peas, sugarcane, and sweet corn are just a few crops that have been tampered with. It’s virtually impossible to provide a complete list of genetically modified food in the United States because the laws for genetically modified crops do not exist. Not only are they destroying the crops, scientists are pushing for approval of genetically modified animals as well.

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Learn How to Avoid GMOs

We are determined to get you the information you need to nourish your family with healthy food for the purpose of well-being now and the future for you, your children, and your children’s children. This is your chance to find out the most common genetically modified foods and how to avoid and replace them.

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