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How to Know if Your Body is Getting Better and Healing

How do you know when you are getting better? It’s so hard for most people to understand that healing takes time.

Healing is not just about how you’re feeling. It’s about how effectively your body is healing.

You Must Take Measurements To Find Out If You Are Getting Better

One of the things that we do at New Life Chiropractic Rocklin to determine our patients functional health is to do measurable exams and x-rays. To know if you’re getting better or not we have to measure the things that determine your health.

We measure:

  • spinal function
  • posture
  • range of motion
  • muscle tension
  • nerve scan.

We use structural X-rays to look at that exact positioning of your spine so we can understand how your brain is communicating health to the body.

Taking these measurements is truly the only way to know how you’re doing.

In addition we offer nutritional testing and detox testing so we can look at what’s going on inside the body. These tests tell us things that you can’t necessarily see or feel. It’s the best way to know how your body is actually healing.

The Healing Process

Chiropractic and other natural health care modalities are not designed to instantly help you feel better. They are designed to improve health and function so you can instantly heal better.

Symptomatic care always takes time. The longer you have a problem, the more damage that’s been done, the longer it’s going to take to heal and get back to full function. So I always encourage people to be patient.

If you notice that sometimes you’re feeling worse that’s OK. That’s the healing process. That’s called retracing. Your body’s going back to all the old injuries, all the damage, all the degeneration that’s been building up over so many years. That’s totally normal.

And if you’re feeling amazing right away it doesn’t mean that your problems are corrected.

It’s very important to continue to do all the things that got you well long term.

Always Work To Stay Better

Health is a journey, it’s not a destination. You’re never fully better, you get better and you continue to grow. Health is a lifelong goal that you’re constantly investing in.

Your health only goes one of two ways. It’s either getting worse, moving closer to dysfunction, disease, and early death; or it’s getting better, and you’re moving closer to health, vitality, and long life. And that decision is up to you.

Don’t judge your health just by how you look or feel.

If you’re frustrated that you’re not feeling as well as you think you should, as long as we’re seeing functional progress and you’re doing the right things you will start feeling better.

All Healing Takes Time

It takes at least 12 months for the fibrosis of repair damaged tissue to heal. If you’re only in month one or two or even five or six, give your body time to heal. And that’s why it’s so important to make every single visit, to do your home care, at follow up with every single recommendation here in the office.

If you’re not under regular chiropractic care, if you’ve been suffering the symptoms for awhile, make sure to schedule an appointment to come in.

Contact us today and start getting proactive, preventive care today.

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