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Understanding Your Exposure to Chemical Toxins

One of the 5 key essentials of healthy living is minimizing toxins. Unfortunately, we live in a world that’s very toxic. In fact, it’s more toxic now than it’s ever been.

You’re under constant exposure to chemical stresses from:

  • Personal care products
  • Cleaning products
  • The water you drink
  • The air you breathe
  • Emissions coming from all types of industry….

How Much Toxic Exposure Do YOU Have?

The indoor part of your house is up to a hundred times more toxic than it is outside. People are taking more medications than ever. The food is toxic

The constant bombardment of toxins is such an interference to health. When it comes to healthy living, you must learn to cleanse and detox your body so it can be toxin free.

Let me just share with you some recent statistics about how toxic we actually are.

According to a recent study, childhood diseases linked to toxic exposure are costing about 55 billion dollars per year. This toxic exposure is not just from what they have been exposed to in their life. These toxins will stay in the body for up to three generations.

So heavy metal toxicity exposure to lead that your grandma had back 50 years ago can still show up in your body if neither your grandma or mom ever cleansed it from their bodies. And now, you can pass that same metal toxicity onto your kids.

Right now there are over 3,000 high volume chemicals used in common products that you use including cleaning products and personal care products. Researchers are seeing many of these toxins in small children and babies. In fact, a study done by the EWG (Environmental Working Group) a few years back which studied fetal blood core samples from hundreds and hundreds of babies found that about 287 toxins are commonly found in a newborn babies bloodstream.

287 toxins constantly bombarding their health.

Imagine starting life with such a huge chemical stress! And we wonder why so many kids have allergies, asthma, ADHD, learning disorders, and autism. Many of these issues can be linked back to the toxins they were born with.


Want to Learn How To Remove The Toxic Burden?

The good news is there is a way that safely and effectively gets toxins out of your body. To convince you to cleanse your family, your children, and change the health of future generations we’re doing a complete toxicity workshop on March 28th here in our office, New Life Chiropractic in Rocklin California.

You can register at Learn how to cleanse your body and start removing the toxic burden that’s affecting you and your family.

For more information on healthy living, make sure you subscribe to our YouTube Channel. You’ll find tips on living the five essentials wellness lifestyle, that can really help you and your family stay healthy on a preventative, proactive basis.

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