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Essentials of a Healthy Lifestyle

Today I want to go through the essentials of healthy lifestyle. What you can do each day to make sure that you’re always functioning at your absolute best on a preventative, proactive basis.

Learn the Five Essentials of a Healthy Lifestyle

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Essential #1: Chiropractic care.

The reason why chiropractic is important, is because that is the care of your brain and your nervous system. This is the system that controls all health and healing in your body. It controls every cell, every tissue, every organ, all chemicals, every gland.

It’s all connected.

Your brain is constantly sending signals through your spinal cord, out your nerves to help your body adapt to the environment and every single one of your tissues, your organs, your cells, is sending messages back to the brain based upon your environment, telling it exactly what it means.

This system is perfect as long as it’s functioning with no interference. Chiropractic specifically finds and removes that interference so your body heals better.

Essential #2: Healthy Nutrition

You want to make sure that you’re putting in good healthy foods, nutrient dense foods, drinking lots of water, avoiding toxic related foods, avoiding damaged fats.

Essential #3: Healthy Mindset

You want to have a healthy mindset, a mindset of gratitude, a mindset of positivity, a mindset of health and healing. Put your priorities in order, starting with first thing in the morning, having a healthy morning routine, having a vision for your day, creating positive relationships, avoiding the major stresses in your life. This helps reduce emotional stress.

Essential #4: Exercise

Make sure that you’re exercising every day. You need to move every day. Our bodies were designed to move. The more you move the healthier you are.

The healthier joints and tissues are, the healthier your brain and nervous system is, the healthier your chemicals are, and you’re going to age slower. So at least a daily walk, more vigorous exercise, three or four times a week. Healthy activities that you like to do, get outside, get moving.

Essential # 5: Minimize Toxins

Toxins exist all around us. They exist in tap water. They exist in the form of medications, in herbicides, pesticides, damaged foods. They exist in personal care products and cleaning products, in our environment everywhere around us. So it’s important at all costs to get natural products to avoid those chemical laden issues and also to detox on a regular basis.

Make sure you’re doing cleanses on a regular basis. Make sure you’re doing cellular cleansing, that you’re sweating on a regular basis. All of these things help detox your body.

When you’re living this five essentials, maximized lifestyle you have the best chance to be at your absolute best and be healthy for your lifetime and not be limited by your health, not be on medications and be able to do all the things that you were designed to do.

If you want help and living this five essentials, maximized lifestyle join us at one of our community education events. During the community education events, Dr. Tim sifts through all of the knowledge out there to bring you key information about how to get healthy and stay that way and shares answers to frequently asked questions on chiropractic care and healthy eating. Enjoy the clips of previous events here.

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