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Why Digestive Problems Are Running Rampant - How To Heal Your Digestive System Naturally

One of the biggest struggles I see with many of our practice members coming in is that they’re having digestive problems. Whether it’s an inflammatory issue like ulcerative colitis, irritable bowel syndrome, or acid reflux, digestive problems are rampant.

The leading causes of digestive disorders are:

  • Lack of nutrition in our food
  • Overabundance of chemical toxicity
  • Not eating a good, healthy, nutritional diet.

But one of the biggest things that most people do not know, that doctors don’t check, and that you’re not going to get from nutritional changes or exercise or a supplement is looking at the source of health and healing for your digestive organs. This healing source comes from your brain-body connection through the spine and nervous system.

How Your Spine Controls Your Digestive System and Bowels

As a chiropractor I don’t work with just neck pain or back pain. I’m actually working with the brain and the nervous system health and healing of your body.

If you look here on the lower part of this spine [referring to spine model image] these nerves control all the different digestive organs:

  • Your small intestine
  • Your large intestine
  • Your colon
  • Your rectum

The whole bowel-digestive system is controlled by the nerve supply from your lower back.

The Most Common Causes of Lower Spine Alignment Issues

Sitting. Most people spend the day sitting. Sitting puts tremendous pressure on your lower back, actually affecting the nerve supply into your digestive organs. When you look at the spine from the side you should have a nice smooth curve in your low back when you sit it flexes forward and affects the nerves in your low back.

Subluxation. Many people struggle with back pain which is a major warning sign of nerve damage in your lower back. This pain indicates a condition called subluxation: when the spine itself shifts out of its normal alignment.

Scoliosis. If you have scoliosis where the spine curves to the side instead of being straight, your digestive system is also being affected.

Are You Looking For a More Natural Solution to Digestive Function Issues?

When we start correcting these issues through corrective chiropractic care we are able to straighten the spine, put those curves back, and take the pressure off those nerves allowing the body to heal itself. Chiropractic adjustments free up that brain-body connection so those nerves that control regeneration, repair, health, and healing actually allow the body to heal itself naturally – without drugs, without surgeries, from the inside-out.

If you or your kids are having digestive problems, it’s time to get your spine and nervous system checked.

You want to get a very specific exam and very specific x-rays to see what’s working and what’s not, to find that interference in the brain-body connection, that subluxation, and correct that to restore normal health and healing.

Have Questions on Your Specific Digestion Issues?

If you want to learn more about digestive health, check out our website for other articles on solving digestive problems.

Contact us today if  you need specific recommendations for your digestive health concern.

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