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Customer Testimonial - Migraine Relief

Debbie Quick shares her testimonial about the relief she received for migraines and chronic pain after working with Dr. Tim at New Life Chiropractic in Rocklin.

So you think chiropractors are just hocus pocus doctors that sell you a treatment you don’t really need? Debbie did too!

After suffering for 10 years with pain so bad that she was only getting about 3 hours per night sleep, she finally gave in and gave chiropractic treatment a chance.

In her first month of treatment Debbie not only got relief from her migraines, but she also experienced:

  • Regular bowel movements
  • The ability to sleep through the night
  • Got off her pain medication

She’s excited about the relief and glad she finally gave chiropractic care a chance.

Are you suffering from migraines? Do you want to experience similar life changing results?

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