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Commit to Excellence and Commit to Health

Did you know a diagnosis means you are not healing?

If you have a diagnosis of liver cancer, it means you have an interference to healing in the liver. If you have heart disease, it means your heart is not healing.

What controls healing in your body?

Your brain, spinal cord and nervous system control all healing, which affects all diagnosis. Subluxation of the spine affects the nervous system and affects every diagnosis there is and prevents healing.

Did you know that Spinal Subluxation Is A Silent Killer?

There is no such thing as a small subluxation. If the nerve to your heart is blocked only .01% within one year, your heart will beat 32,000 fewer times.

How did I come up with this number? I took the number of times your heart beats per year and reduced the function of the heart by .01%.

It may not seem like a big deal to you, but would it concern you if the heart we are talking about is your child’s heart that carries the blood, nutrients, and oxygen to every single organ in their body? Would your child, without a doubt, build disease faster or slower in their body?

The answer is an absolute YES every single time! That is why subluxation is called the “Silent Killer”. There is no difference between subluxation and a diagnosis but time.

Did you know there is another reason subluxation is called the “Silent Killer”?

Many people are not willing to say the words that will help others commit to healthThe other reason is that people don’t know because we don’t tell them the truth. Are we telling people the truth about health and healing or are we holding back? Are we staying silent or are we sharing the principle of health?

Did you know that 90% of people who fail to get healthy are not defeated, they quit?

Do any of these resonate with you?

  • You tried to exercise to lower your BMI and extend your lifespan but it got too hard, so you quit.
  • You attempted to go on the Max Living Advanced Plan to conquer diabetes, but you missed your old junk food and you quit.
  • You started your chiropractic home care exercises, and they were uncomfortable; so instead of doing what you needed to do to correct your spine, you quit.
  • You realize that you have incredible power in your body and mind to change and heal, but when confronted with a challenge it is too hard to stay committed to your beliefs, so you quit.

Why does this happen?

It happens because most of us are operating on average. We keep asking ourselves where is “My Success” at? There is no success in average! Quit settling for just getting by and being “OK”, commit to excellence.

Did you know there is a secret to committing to health, conquering your problems and helping those around you do the same?

The secret is “work your way through it”. Work your way through every problem, situation, barrier or obstacle and you will have a breakthrough. The pain is temporary but quitting is forever.

We have to stop quitting.

What causes quitting is the “starting and stopping”. Consistency creates momentum and momentum propels you forward.

It is time to commit. Commit to something for 30 days because it can change your life forever. In these next thirty days, your health can change, your relationships can change, your life can change.Did you know that someone may have lead you to believe that everything should be easy when it isn’t?

  • Maybe someone led you to believe that successful people were born that way and did not have to put 10,000 hours of practice in?
  • Maybe I led you to believe that by owning the MAX T3 videos you would get in shape?
  • Maybe it is my fault that you did not know my failures are what give me strength and my pain is my motivation?
  • Maybe I led you to believe that health was a God-given gift and not something you have to work for every single day of your life?
  • Maybe you think you can’t do anything about your situation…or maybe you are just making excuses!

Is it time to commit to everything you are and work your butt off to be the greatest you? You have to realize you are your hope, you are your answer, and it is time to give life to everything you have.

No more excuses. It is time to put your head down and focus so not only will your life change but that of everyone around you.

Commit to Health! Join us at our next Community Wellness Event

Who do you know that does not know the real definition of health?

Help them live a better life. Invite them to community dinner on 2/15/16. Contact us to RSVP.

If you missed this event, check our calendar. We hold community health events every month.