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Should I Give My Kids Cold or Flu Medicine When They Are Sick?

Lots of people ask me about what do I do when my child is sick or when they have a fever. Do I give my kids cold or flu medicine?

Kids getting sick is something that’s very common this time of year that we call “flu season”. It’s very important you know what’s actually happening.

Understanding How a Fever Helps Your Body Heal

A fever in the body is a good thing. You need to know your body never causes harm. It knows exactly what to do all the time.

When you run a fever, it’s not your body being sick, it’s actually your body expressing health because that fever is going to raise the core temperature in your body. The higher body temperature is actually killing the infection.

It is part of your immune response. It’s part of your body being able to heal itself.

Commonly what happens is people try to go and reduce that fever by taking some type of medication or going to the doctor. What that’s actually weakens your body’s immune system. It’s interfering with the healing response and it’s causing the infection to grow to a greater degree.

By reducing symptoms when you’re not feeling well you’re actually making your body sicker.

This relief care type of approach is not effective.

For children it is safe for them to have a fever of 100, 101, 102, even up to 103 and be OK. You want to watch and monitor their fever, but don’t panic!

What Alternatives Are There To Cold and Flu Medicine?

The best thing you can do when your child is sick is bring them into our chiropractic office to get adjusted. When my children have a fever the first thing I do is adjust them. Usually within hours or the next day that fever is breaking and they are healing from whatever is going on.

That’s what the body is designed to do. Everything we do enhances that immune response.

When you get adjusted it boosts your immune health by as much as 200 percent, helping your body heal itself.

So this year when it comes to being healthy, and seeking preventative health, it’s not getting the flu shot. It’s actually making sure that your brain and nervous system is healthy to improve your immune response.

When you do get sick , you don’t run to the doctor. You don’t run to the medicine cabinet. You run in here to New Life Chiropractic to get you or your kids adjusted to help the body do what is designed to do which is heal itself.

Have Questions on The Benefits of Chiropractic Care?

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