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Should I Consider a Chiropractor as My Primary Care Provider?

You have the greatest doctor already inside of you! The best cardiologist in the world runs your heart, and you don’t think about it. The best immunologist runs your immune system and fights ANY cold without any help. The best gastroenterologist runs your digestive system without any Tums. The best neurologist runs your brain and control center and NEVER needs help!

You see, everything else is just secondary, not primary!

My body, YOUR body, needs no help, just no interference! The power and ability to heal and be truly healthy is in YOU, you just need to remove the interference!

The most important job a chiropractor has is to eliminate interference! It is to allow your nervous system to work, uninterrupted. It is to educate you on how to supply your body with all the right materials it needs to do the best job:

  • good food
  • exercise
  • no subluxation
  • no toxins
  • no stress.

Getting to the Underlying Cause of Your Symptoms

Don’t you want a doctor for you and your family that gets to the CAUSE of the problem instead of just covering up the symptoms? As doctors the ONLY thing we should be concerned with is getting YOU functioning and healing closer to 100%! A medication can NEVER get you healthier towards 100% it can only cover a symptom and add even more interference, that’s why I will never prescribe one.

Don’t you want a doctor who FIRST looks at the most important system you have, your nervous system, to see if there are problems there? The nervous system controls everything in the body.

A regular doctor will look in your eyes, check your blood pressure, look up your nose, and tap your knee with a hammer, but will not pay attention to your nervous system. Health comes from above (the brain), down (through the nerves), inside (the spinal cord), out (to the organs). So to identify problems I can’t start by looking at the outside first! It’s like the power going out, and I look at the light bulb first!

Don’t you want a doctor to tell you what you need to hear NOT what you want to hear? I will always just tell you the truth about health for your best interest. Facts, not opinions.

Many patients are able to stop some of their meds when they begin care with a chiropractor, acupuncturist or naturopath because their health is restored. Is the “real doctor” the one who prescribes the drug or the one who helps the patient heal, making the drug unnecessary? Drugs can be lifesaving, but I see so many cases where they are prescribed without any attempt to correct the underlying problem. – Dr. Michael Noonan

Wouldn’t you want health advice from your doctor that he would tell to and live out with his family? Many doctors would never give the drugs, vaccines, surgeries, or advice they give you, to their families. We practice what we preach!

Chiropractors as Primary Care Providers

I am a primary care physician; it is in your best interest to be running EVERY heath care decision by me (or your family chiropractor). I’m sure your medical doctor is a good person, but at the end of the day are you going to bet it all on them and the medical system?

I have NO big pharmacy company paying me to tell you what you should do regarding your health care. I have NO insurance companies that I’ve contracted with to let them determine your course of care. I have just facts and truth.

JOIN US for Patient Appreciation Day

I care for you and your family, I truly do. That is why we are having Patient Appreciation Day this Wednesday 8/5/15 so that everyone can get every member of their family checked for subluxation and nervous system interference.

I truly believe each and every person has a purpose in his or her life, and IT IS A FACT, that if you lose your health, you CAN NOT live that out and fulfill your purpose.

You and your family deserve to have abundant health and live a maximized life. If there are still members of your family that have not been check sign them up for Wednesday.

We will be offering a free examination for the guests of our patients with a donation of a new backpack and school supplies! This includes a complete history, consultation, exam, and thermal imaging study and x-rays, which will be taken if necessary.

Wednesday, August 5th 8-11 & 3-6 at New Life Chiropractic

Did you miss this event? We have a Patient Appreciation event at least 4 times a year. Check our calendar for upcoming events.