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Video FAQ: Is chiropractic safe for infants? See a live adjustment on a baby.

Today we’re going to show you how we assess a newborn so you can feel certain that chiropractic is safe for infants. We’ll be demonstrating a pediatric chiropractic assessment and adjustment on our daughter Alexis.

See How Safe an Infant Chiropractic Adjustment Is

Getting your newborns spine checked is so important for their overall health. On our last video we talked about some of the things that you would see or be aware of if your infant is having an issue.

In this video we are going to go through some of the stuff we check when assessing an infant.

Newborn Chiropractic Assessment To Do While They Lie On Their Back

  • Check and make sure that everything is moving correctly. We verify that the babies hips are moving well. You want to make sure that the baby’s legs can always pop back up. That means everything is working correctly.
  • Look at their posture and make sure that their head can easily move from side to side and rotate well.
  • Look for any abnormalities in the head. Look for dips, or one side that is higher than the other or the skull hasn’t fully gone back to normal. There are ways to actually adjust your baby that will remove most abnormalities.
  • Look for tension in the upper part of the neck. A lot of times this will affect baby’s ability to latch and sleep.
  • Look at the top bones of their spine to make sure they are aligned correctly.
  • Feel through their back to see if there is any areas of tension or tightness.

Newborn Chiropractic Assessment To Do While They Lie On Their Tummy

  • Look at their pelvis. You bring both of the heels up and make sure they are going up all the way. A lot of times baby will have digestive issues – maybe they are not going enough or they are going too much. Those digestive issues originate from subluxation in the lower back.
  • Go through and assess the whole spine up into the upper part of the neck.
  • Make sure the neck is moving well.

The Common Issues That an Infant Chiropractic Adjustment May Help

A very, very light almost nothing adjustment makes a huge difference for a little newborn. Common issues that we see in babies and help with are:

  • Colic
  • Not sleeping well
  • Digestive issues.
  • Ear infections
  • Issues with focus, concentration, and attitude.

Chiropractic can really help infants and children because:

  • It balances out the nervous system
  • Helps the body heal itself
  • Improves digestive function and immune function by removing interference.

I definitely recommend having kids checked especially if you are seeing any of these issues. Even one adjustment for a baby can be really important.

As you can see, chiropractic is very gentle, very safe and very effective when it comes to an infants health. So if your infant is having any issues or you really want to make sure that they won’t have issues in the future on a preventative basis, get them checked by a chiropractor who specializes in pediatric care like Dr. Tim Smith at New Life Chiropractic. We know how to assess infants and will make sure we are doing what’s right for your child.

If you want to learn more about chiropractic and how it helps babies, go to our website at or you can also visit where you can learn more about chiropractic care for children.

Have Questions on Chiropractic Treatment for Kids?

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