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Why Corrective Chiropractic Post-Care Steps Improve Patient Outcomes

You may be wondering what I’m doing in this picture? I’m standing here on a balance disc and wearing different weights.

This is one of the chiropractic post care exercises that we do after the adjustment as part of the corrective chiropractic approach.

Watch this video to learn how our post-care exercises help you maximize your chiropractic adjustment.

Watch the video now!

Prefer to read? Here’s the gist of what else Dr. Tim spoke about in this video clip.

How Can Standing on a Wobble Disk Improve My Body Function?

Standing on a wobble disk will actually change my posture. The weights I’m wearing are causing me to stand up straighter, to create a better curve in my low back, in my mid back and into my neck. And by using this balance disc I’m challenging my nervous system.

  • It’s increasing what’s called proprioception which is how my joints talk to my brain.
  • It’s increasing the speed of transmission from the brain to the body, which means better performance, better balance, better overall brain and nervous system function.
  • And when it comes to the corrective approach, this can actually help restore the normal curves of your spine, setting in the adjustment and strengthening and stabilizing the spine so that so you get the most effects from every single visit.

How Our Chiropractic Post-Care Steps Give You Better Results

Maybe you’ve seen a chiropractor before, maybe you’re seeing someone right now, or maybe you’ve never been to a chiropractor. You want to ask yourself, are they doing these things?

  • Am I just getting a temporary relief from this or am I actually correcting my problem.
  • Is there a goal?
  • Did we take x rays?
  • Am I doing therapeutic exercises to speed up postural change?
  • Am I doing body weighting?
  • Are we doing balance training?
  • Are we actually getting my body healthier for a functional reason?

We use this for athletes. We use this for kids. We use this for elderly.

We use this for all different types of patients for all different types of reasons:

  • Athletic and work performance
  • Balance
  • Neuromuscular reeducation – retraining the brain and the body,
  • Recovering from an injury or an accident including concussion or other brain related issues.

Proper chiropractic post care is going to help restore that brain body balance and increase functioning of the brain and nervous system. That is why we do it after each and every adjustment.

We have many patients who actually do this kind of stuff at home too, to really improve the functional capacity of what it is that we’re doing. So ask yourself again, are you doing these things? If you’re not and you want to get some help with any of these different areas, make sure to give our office a call.

If you live out of the Rocklin, CA area, try to find a Max Living doctor who does what we do. Go to and it will teach you more about corrective chiropractic care and how it ties into a healthy lifestyle including how to restore function, balance your life, and help you get back to your optimum health potential.

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