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Can Chiropractic Care Help a Sick Child?

alert baby being adjustedMost parents want what is best for their kids and never want to see them sick or suffering. What is your family’s health plan to prevent illness this year?

Now that many kids are learning from a computer how will you maintain posture and healthy movement? What are your plans the next time you or your child gets sick

Does Chiropractic Care Help Sick Babies and Children?

  • Do you rush to the doctor for an antibiotic?
  • Do you reach for a bottle of Tylenol to lower the pain and the fever?
  • Do you stay home and skip your adjustment that day and go to the medical doctor?
  • Do you disinfect your entire house in an attempt to kill every invisible bug out there?

The sickest kids we see in our office are the ones that take the most medications! When those kids and babies start getting chiropractic care and stop taking medications, they become the healthiest kids we care for.

This is the type of testimonial that we see weekly at New Life Chiropractic:

After a year of Chiropractic, we only had one visit to our medical doctor for our 3-year-old daughter versus the year before we had 12 visits!

The biggest problem with medications like antibiotics is that they are ineffective against the innate intelligence of bacteria and are becoming even less effective every month.  As parents, we show love to our children by caring for them when they are sick.  Unfortunately, this almost always means giving them some medication, whether it is over-the-counter or prescribed. Please rethink this.

The dilemma: Should I give my sick baby medicine or let them heal naturally?

There is a time and place for medicine, but most medical interventions are widely overused and ineffective at getting to the cause of the real issue. No medications, vaccines, or special treatments are more effective than the body’s ability to heal itself!

Here is the good news…bacteria may be smart, but your body has an innate intelligence too!  The key is to work with this intelligence and to harness it, not suppress it.  Remember, your body heals itself, not drugs or antibiotics.

First, realize that if you or your child has a fever, this is your body’s innate intelligence at work.  Anything 103 degrees and below is fine, and I would even argue a healthy thing.  Your body is smart and it raises your body temperature so bacteria cannot survive.  Bacteria or viruses quickly die off at these temperatures.

When you take a medication to lower your fever (called an antipyretic), this WORKS AGAINST INNATE!  If your child’s temperature goes above 103, I suggest a cold shower or ice bath before you start dumping in the medication.  Recent reports of the flu show that people who let their fevers ride out fought it off in 5 days, versus 9 days in people that took aspirin or acetaminophen.

Here is the big secret nobody wants to talk about…if the germ theory were true, we would all be dead! If you culture my nose or your nose right now, there are all sorts of deadly bacteria and viruses to be found.

But you are alive and well right now?  Does this mean germs do not in fact cause illness?  It means that when your immune system is strong, germs are no big deal, in fact, they seem to strengthen our immune systems.  Unless you live in a bubble, you cannot avoid germs.  So instead of disinfecting everything, put that energy into boosting your immunity.

Chiropractic is the only health profession that recognizes and aims to work with the brilliant design of our bodies.  We strive to help your body work better.

How Do I Take Care of My Daughters?

  1. They have both been adjusted since birth and continue to get adjusted at least 2 times per month to keep them at optimal function preventatively and even more if they are having a health challenge.
  2. They eat organic healthy foods and take the best supplements, which have the most beneficial nutrients and immune properties.
  3. They have never been on any type of medication or over-the-counter ointment interfering with their body’s healing power.
  4. They are not loaded with toxins weakening their immune system from BPAs, plastics, fire retardants, pesticides, additives, vaccines, etc.

Both girls are healthy 5 Essentials children and what we do to help them heal better if they are not feeling well is to adjust them regularly, keep them warm, give them the best nutrients, and let them rest… the body will take care of the rest and there is NO FEAR. Only confidence and faith in the body’s ability to self-heal!

So I ask again what would you do?

  • Have your kids even been checked for subluxation?
  • Are you living the 5 Essentials for your family?
  • Do you know other families who need help?

Is Your Family Ready for a Healthy Year?

Join us for the Healthy Family Workshop 3/19/24 at 6 pm in our office.