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How to Get the Most Out of Your Chiropractic & Health Care [Video]

Today I want to talk about how to get the most out of your chiropractic and healthcare.

After doing this for over 12 years now and helping thousands and thousands of patients live a healthier life naturally, through chiropractic and the Five Essentials of Max Living, I’ve learned there’s really three main components that determines the progress and the results that a patient gets in the short term and most importantly, long term. Those three things are based upon how your body adapts to stress.

How Chiropractic Care Reduces Stress

Watch the video now! Prefer to read? Here’s the gist of what else Dr. Tim spoke about in this video clip.

There are three main stresses:

  • Physical
  • Chemical
  • Emotional/mental stresses

You are faced with these all the time, and your body’s ability to adapt to those stresses is based upon your internal health and what’s going on with your brain and your nervous system.

The purpose of chiropractic and the Five Essentials of Max Living is to:

  • Reduce the three types of stress to the minimum.
  • Increase your body’s ability to adapt to stress so that your body can regulate healthy function normally, heal, repair, and regenerate.
  • Minimize the damage to your body caused by stress.

This creates a long, healthy life naturally.

The Three Components of Chiropractic Care

1. Consistency and Frequency of Chiropractic Care

There’s only one thing that can reduce and correct subluxation, and that’s the chiropractic adjustment. There is no stretch. There is no special exercise, there’s no pill, there’s no nutrition plan that’s going to reduce subluxation, and that’s the biggest interference to your body’s ability to adapt to stress. The right chiropractic adjustment designed specifically for you is the biggest reason why people get well here in our office and with chiropractic in general.

It’s very important to follow your recommended frequency of care. The frequency of care that we recommend for you is not random. It’s not the same for everybody. If you’re supposed to be here three times a week, there’s a reason why that is. If you’re supposed to be here one or two times a week or a couple of times a month, it’s best to follow that. The types of adjustments we do are based upon your individual conditions, your exams, and your X-rays. That’s why we do progress reviews over time and we continually update that.

The first and most important aspect to getting the best results now and into the future is following your adjustment frequency. Try to never miss an adjustment and always show up.

2 Doing Your Recommended Home Care

All of our corrective care patients and our wellness care patients have exercises, therapies, stretches, and spinal care exercises that we give them to do at home. And many of you have exercise equipment, neck traction, wobble exercises, maybe things that you lay on or specific postural exercises that you do.

These are again for a reason. They’re not random. They’re not the same for everybody. They’re specific to you and where you are in your phase of healing. So it’s very important to do those as recommended. Additionally, when people start with home care it is usually one or two times a day. Later on, maybe it’s once a day or a few times a week.

I know sometimes even myself, you get into the ones that you like and enjoy. Maybe you really like the wobble disk, so you do it all the time. Maybe you really like laying on the rolls, so you do that consistently but just skip the head weight. Or you don’t always do the neck traction, or you forget to do the blocking.

Every single one of those exercises that’s recommended for you is there for a specific reason, and what it does is it reinforces the good work we’re doing here with the adjustments in the office to improve the outcomes of your chiropractic care. To strengthen and stabilize your body so it can better adapt to those stresses of life physically, mentally and chemically, and that your adaptability grows so it actually helps you get the most out of your chiropractic care.

So make sure that you’re consistent with your at home care. We’re going to be updating that throughout your course of care as your body’s health changes and your needs change.

3. Following a Five Essentials Lifestyle

The reason why we teach the other essentials of health, nutrition, fitness, minimizing stress and toxins is because lifestyle factors affect your health. If we can help you understand what’s causing the damage to your body, where this overwhelming stress is coming from, and help you reduce that through natural lifestyle habits and behaviors, you can really create a much better long-term health outcome for you.

Health is Not Short-Term. We Aim for Lifetime Family Wellness.

Our goal is to help you change the way you view and manage your health. To create behaviors and habits that help you become a healthy person, not just feel better or treat a condition.

When you’re doing these three things:

  1. Following your adjustment frequency.
  2. Being consistent with your at home care.
  3. Following the five essentials lifestyle.

You’re going to get the most benefits from your care now and into the future. And when we do your updates and your reviews, that’s what we’re looking at. If you know people who are not currently under 5 Essentials corrective chiropractic care, encourage them to come in and get themselves evaluated.

Want more health information? Check our blog or follow our videos on our YouTube channel. We have hundreds of videos about living a healthier life naturally.

I look forward to helping each and every one of you continue your health journey so we can see the amazing benefits to come.