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Can Chiropractic Adjustments Improve Immunity?

The health and condition of every spine, including babies and children, has an influence on the immune system.

And the reason for this is because of the autonomic nervous system’s relationship to the health and condition of the spine. When the spine is not moving in the slightest of ways it will cause a cascade of events to happen in the brain and autonomic system that is immuno-suppressive. The ability to fight off infection and other diseases, both short and long term, are affected.

We call that subluxation and use specific tests to determine its presence, and more importantly, gentle adjustments to correct. And we know our adjustments improve immunity in a significant way.  Therefore, millions and millions of people each week around the world experience less sickness and infections, including the flu, by receiving adjustments from a chiropractor and here is why!

Studies Prove That Chiropractic Adjustments Improve Immunity

A study from the 2011 (Journal of the American Osteopathic Association) showed that those who received spinal adjustive care increased a specific immune-system protein (IgA) in the blood by 139% after receiving the adjustment.

Another study from the 2004 Journal of Orthopedic Surgery not only proved an undeniable link between the spine and immune system but showed that those who got spinal adjustive care overcame immune-related illnesses compared to those who did not get adjusted. Increased immunity is a specific side-effect we hear most from parents who bring their kids in to get checked.

Chiropractic is good for anyone with a spine, not just adults with back pain. Especially if an individual, including infants, have been exposed to significant chemical, physical, or emotional stress.

A study dating back to the 1990s (1992 Journal of Manual Medicine) showed that the birth process created enough trauma, even in the more natural settings, to cause minor misalignments and fixations in the upper neck. We Chiropractors call it a subluxation, and it can impact their health, development, and immunity in a major way. The biggest challenge is that most subluxations go undetected because they don’t cause pain. This is why we check kids and get great results, including my own!

And here’s another study that shows more immune fighting proteins increased in blood following an adjustment: Outline in Chiropractic and Osteopathy 2010. They researched 74 subjects and those who received an adjustment had significantly higher IgG and IgM levels post adjustment compared to control groups (INCREASED IMMUNITY).

Journal of Orthopedic Surgery Oct 2004, another great study showing spinal adjustive care increases immunity! 98% of patients with dermatitis, allergies and asthma had vertebral misalignments!!

  • Correction of spinal misalignments improved itching symptoms of chronic dermatitis by 88% and skin appearance of dermatitis patients by 72%.
  • Dermatitis patients receiving no adjustment had NO IMPROVEMENT.
  • Allergy symptoms improved in over 70% of patients who received adjustments. Vertebral misalignment is a common factor in patients w dermatitis and asthma.

The most important aspect is that x-ray findings dictated the care making it more specific to the correction of subluxation for optimal health rather than non-specific adjustments for pain. That is the corrective difference and that is the care you and your family are receiving in our office!! As you can see chiropractic care is not just a treatment for neck and back pain it is an integral part of a healthy lifestyle for the whole family.

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