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What Can I Do If My Child Has ADHD or Trouble Paying Attention?

A lot of parents ask me, “What can I do for my child that’s having issues with attention?” Attention deficit disorder (ADD) or Attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) has been a hot topic for a long time.

These disorders are now so prevalent that as many as 1 in 12 children are diagnosed with some type of ADD or ADHD.

Are you a parent whose child has ADHD or ADD?

You know that the number one response from traditional doctors is to prescribe a medication. Very dangerous, addictive medication with many side effects and long term degenerative neurological effects for your child.

How Can I Get My Kid To Pay Attention & Settle Down?

I understand that dealing with a kid with ADD or ADHD can be very tough. I have kids myself and even though they don’t have ADD or ADHD, sometimes they’re going so crazy, they won’t listen to anything I say. My head feels like it’s just gonna explode, and I get so frustrated and I wish…

Isn’t there something I can do just to get them to calm down?

So for you parents that are dealing with the lack of attention and hyperactivity, I understand.

But what your doctors not going to tell you and what you don’t know is that by giving them that pill you’re not fixing the problem. In fact you’re actually making the problem worse because you’re further damaging the brain.

And you’re not addressing the true cause of the problem, which is an interference in the brain-body communication. So many kids now have damage to the upper part of their neck, the cervical spine, because they spend so much time with their head down staring at handheld electronic devices.

What a Normal Child’s Spine Looks Like

If you look at the spine it’s supposed to have a nice curve (see the video). That way the brain can effectively communicate to the body and the body can communicate back to the brain.

Now with all the technology we have – computers, tablets, cell phones…most kids are looking down at a screen for the majority of the day, and it causes their neck to bend forward. When that happens this isn’t just a misalignment, this is actually a neurological issue shutting down the communication of the brain to the body, causing neurological imbalance.

How Neck Misalignment Affects Children

What this can affect is the hormones of the brain including

  1. Serotonin and dopamine
  2. The areas of the brain that control the prefrontal cortex which is responsible for concentration, cognitive function, and neural development.

Spinal Misalignment > Hormone Imbalance > ADD and ADHD

This hormonal imbalance creates ADHD. Did you know that ADHD is not a real medical condition? It’s a made-up thing to describe a situation that doctors cannot fix. So the solution is giving you a drug.

Are you a parent who don’t want to put your kids on more drugs? That wants a more natural healthy solution? That wants to help their child’s body heal itself?

The Natural Solution to ADD and ADHD

Look first to the spine.

Look to the brain and the nervous system.

In the brain, the amygdala and the hypothalamus actually controls brain function. Normal position and movement of the spine stimulates the prefrontal cortex to allow the body to heal itself.

I’ve seen many, many kids come in to New Life Chiropractic diagnosed with attention disorders get better. These kids get off their medications and live a full, healthy, drug-free life by correcting the cause of the problem.

So if your child is having any issues and you’re looking for a more natural solution make sure the first thing you do is go to a corrective care chiropractor. These include:

  • neurological issues
  • ADD
  • ADHD

A corrective care chiropractor will check your child’s neck, take an x-ray and give an adjustment to make sure they have the good, normal curve in that neck the way it’s supposed to be and there’s no pressure on the brain stem, the spinal cord, or the nerves that’s affecting control and development in the body.

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