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Celebrating Women's Health - How Women Can Maintain Their Health Naturally

Here in May, we have all kinds of exciting things for you ladies. We have Women’s Health Week. We have Mother’s Day.

We want to go through ways to help each and every one of you be more empowered to live a healthy life, naturally. We can all agree that the women in our life are the backbone. They’re the most important people in our lives.

But what I find happens with a lot of ladies is they work, work, work. They take care of everybody else, but they forget to take care of themselves and over time it can really have a long-term effect.

How Women Can Prevent Illness and Health Naturally

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Potential Stressors For Women

So I want to go through today some of the potential stresses in your life and what are the things that you can start doing on a preventative, proactive basis to help your body adapt and heal naturally?

Some of the most common issues that I see with women are:

  • Hormone problems.
  • Headaches.
  • Thyroid issues.
  • Weight gain.
  • Issues with digestive function.
  • Issues with their monthly cycle.
  • Reproductive issues.
  • Fibromyalgia issues due to really chronic nervous system stress.

The reason why this happens is because of overwhelming stress!

Mental stress that happens from not getting enough sleep, from constantly being asked to do more with less, constantly being available for everyone in their life.

That adds up. It takes its toll.

Women Must Rest, Relax and Have Fun!

Most women are not doing enough things to take time to allow the body to rest. It’s gotta be important to take intentional time for rest, relaxation, and play. Take time to do the things that you enjoy. Take time for your hobbies, make time to exercise and move because overwhelming stress is always going to have a negative effect on your body.

Pain Based Stressors Found in Women


Some of the other issues I see are pain-based. One of the most common symptoms again is going to be headaches. So commonly with women, I see headaches. This can be from past injuries, this can be from car accidents, it can be from poor posture, use of devices, cell phone, computer, tablets. These things build up and build up and the most common thing I see is the head starts to shift forward, putting severe tension on the neck.

Pregnancy & Parenting

And then for you moms, you have the stress of going through pregnancy, going through breastfeeding, taking care of children, the stress of children as they get older. Mom is the hardest job there is. It’s a 24/7/365 job.

Parenting takes its toll on your body over time. Physically, a lot of moms will get low back problems, sciatic issues, pain in the neck, upper back pain, shoulder problems, numbness and tingling in the arms, and they just deal with it.

Over the Counter Medication Doesn’t Help – It Hurts

I find a lot of people are masking their pain with things like ibuprofen, Advil, Tylenol, thinking that they’re doing something that’s okay just to get through the day, but really it’s very dangerous. Something as simple as an over the counter pain medication hospitalizes over 100,000 people per year.

Over 16,000 people die from an over the counter pain medication, and it’s not because they overdosed, it’s the standard dose that’s recommended by their doctor or they thought was normal based upon the recommended daily amount in the bottle itself. These things are very, very dangerous.

You know these moms are getting overwhelming stress that is causing anxiety and sometimes depression. The side effects of those are even worse. More anxiety, more depression, suicide, not sleeping, worsening health problems. That’s why now you’re starting to see autoimmune disorders developing. All kinds of issues – Hashimoto’s start coming up, allergies get more and more intense, more weight gain, less energy.

The toxic burden is going up and we’re treating the symptoms, we’re managing the stresses, we’re getting through the day, but it’s creating more and more and more health issues.

Natural Ways to Take Care of Yourself So You Can Be the Best Version of Yourself

So as your drug-free doctor, I want to give you some natural things that you can start doing right away to help you be the best mom, the best wife, the best version of yourself. To really be able to live your life to the highest capacity.

#1 Get Corrective Chiropractic Care

Number one that starts with chiropractic care. Most people think chiropractic is about neck pain or back pain. Sure we do see those things and that is a warning sign of a problem with your spine and your nervous system. But what most people don’t understand is that a problem with your spine is really a nerve problem. And a nerve problem is really a health problem because the brain and the nervous system regulate and control all functions in your body. It regulates all repair regeneration.

How you adapt to stress and how you heal is 100% correlated to your nervous system and your nervous system is affected by the spine. By two things – the alignment and the movement.

So if your spine is out of alignment in any way, if your posture is shifted in the shoulders and the hips, your head is forward, you know you have a problem with the spine. You know you have a nervous system problem that’s now affecting your health.

Do you have loss of movement in any direction? It should never be painful to move your spine. It should never be restricted.

  • If you can’t look over your shoulder,
  • If you can’t bend over without your back hurting,
  • If you can’t do certain activities without being more sore, tight, and tense at the end of the day,

You know, this isn’t just a muscle problem. You know, it’s not just a massage or not enough exercise or stretching. You know, it has to be an issue with the spine and the nervous system. A very specific condition called subluxation that no doctor looks for and is the root cause of many of these same problems.

I’ll see these ladies coming in and they have neck problems, they have headaches, they have shoulder issues, numbness, tingling, carpal tunnel, tendonitis. But they also have a thyroid problem. They also have a heart problem. They also have issues with allergies and sinuses. They have problems with balance and coordination.

These are all related to the same nerves in your neck that go to those organs. A lot of the moms and ladies that come in with back problems who are getting sciatica, also have digestive issues, also have problems with their menstrual cycle, hormonal issues. They also have problems with their bowel and bladder systems.

Same nervous system, but nobody’s talking about this. That’s why chiropractic is number one to get to the source root cause of health issues.

That requires a very specific exam, specific nerve scans and X rays. And even though you’ve been to a chiropractor before, it may not mean you’re getting a corrective approach because if you’re not getting those three things, you know you’re likely just treating symptoms.

#2 Improve Your Diet

Number two is you want to start eating better.

  • More healthy fats.
  • Less toxic foods.
  • Less sugar.
  • More healthy water.
  • More nutrient dense proteins.

Foods that give life versus take life.

#3 Get More Exercise

Number three is you want to make sure that you’re moving more often. Get exercise in. Make it a stable part of your life.

I find many people lead a sedentary life where they’re not moving much. And they’re sitting, which is causing more damaging stress to the spine and the nervous system, but also putting their body in a chronic stress state. So at least go for a walk every day, find some exercise, find some hobby that includes physical activity that you like to do.

#4 Avoid Toxins

Number four is to make sure that you’re avoiding toxins. For you ladies, it’s the worst.

How many care products do you have? That whole bag of stuff that you have, the makeup, the stuff in the hair, the lotions, the potions, the stuff you put on your skin, the practitioners that you see, all the anti-aging stuff. These things many times carry very major toxins in them.

  • Parabens, which are endocrine disruptors and affect your hormones.
  • Major toxins that burn out your thyroid gland.

These toxins cause you to gain weight and cause damage to your organs, including your kidneys, liver, and digestive system leading to leaky gut problems, which leads to autoimmune disorders and immune system deficiency.

So you’ve really gotta be careful in the types of products that you’re using. Make sure they’re all-natural. Use all-natural cleaning products cause things like bleach (Clorox) carry major toxins in them you want to avoid.

The average lady has over 471 chemicals in their life. That leads to almost every major health condition you can think of.

So by starting to clean things up…healthy water, organic foods, natural personal care, and cleaning products, healthy environment…you’re setting yourself up for success.

#5 Healthy Mindset

And that takes us to number five which is a healthy mindset.

  • Make a plan to be healthy.
  • Take the time for rest and relaxation.
  • Take the time for creativity and play.
  • Take the time to sleep and really work on yourself.
  • Have a journal that is focused on gratitude. Think about all the things you’re grateful for in your life.
  • Build joy and happiness all around you and you will find that many of the issues that you’re suffering from will start to improve.

Join Us For Our Upcoming Health Workshop

That’s exactly what we do. We help guide people through healthy, natural living without medications to live the best life possible. And that’s exactly what I want for you.

So all you ladies that are looking to get healthier this year, we can help you. We have some amazing events for Mother’s Day. We have our Friends and Family Week that’s coming up. We’re doing a health workshop coming up this month.

Make sure you’re digging in. You’re getting engaged.

Have you had the opportunity to join us at one of our community education events yet? During the community education events, Dr. Tim sifts through all of the knowledge out there to bring you key information about how to get healthy and stay that way and shares answers to frequently asked questions on chiropractic care and healthy eating. Enjoy the clips of previous events here.