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Are You Building Health or Sickness?

Are you on the road towards building your health or the road towards a lifetime of sickness?

Road 1: The Road Most Travelled or The Traditional Medical Model

The Facts:

  • Americans take 80% of the world’s supply of painkillers.
  • Nearly half of all Americans die of heart disease and cancer.
  • More than 5 million in the U.S. have Alzheimer’s—a number that has doubled in the last two decades.
  • Antidepressants are the most commonly prescribed drugs in the U.S. at 118 million prescriptions each year.
  • Nearly 200,000 people are killed by hospital errors in America each year.
  • 1.4 billion worldwide are overweight. The United States Congress calls this problem “as serious a threat as global warming.”
  • About 43 million children worldwide are diagnosed as being overweight or obese.
  • Autism, a severe neurodevelopment disorder impacts as many as 1 in 78 children and that number is getting worse each year.
  • The U.S. came in dead last in health care outcomes among other studied countries despite spending twice as much on healthcare.
  • Over 60% of all bankruptcies in the U.S. are due to medical expenses – 78% of those people had insurance.

Clearly, conventional wisdom when it comes to health hasn’t worked. The challenge is that people are looking for better ways to pay for or different ways to travel down the exact same road.

So even if we made this road cheaper or added wellness exams, “preventative medicine”, or early detection scans, you’re still traveling down the same road. As a result, no matter what has changed, you always end up at the same destination: crisis, disease, and early death.

Road 2: The Road Less Travelled Or The 5 Essentials Of Maximized Living

Essential 1: Maximized Mind

Maximized Mind is about understanding the true principle of health and healing to create a mindset of success. After all, it is function and lifestyle, not genetics, that determine well-being.

Half of heart disease deaths can be avoided with lifestyle changes. Almost 200,000 lives can be saved if certain heart risk factors are cut, even modestly.

Essential 2: Maximized Nerve Supply

Maximized nerve supply involves restoring and maintaining the proper function of the nervous system through advanced spinal correction. Misalignment of the spine, also known as subluxation, is the most devastating, degenerative, neurological condition you can have.

Subluxation will take years off your life and build dysfunction and disease every day it is not corrected.

Essential 3: Maximized Quality Nutrition

Maximized Quality Nutrition is nutritional science that sustains well-being, disease prevention and ideal weight management. Overweight women are up to sixty percent more likely to develop any cancer. Diets loaded with healthy fats significantly reduce your risk of prostate cancer. If we eat more naturally and avoid the processed foods of modern society, we will live healthier lives.

If we eat more naturally and avoid the processed foods of modern society, we will live healthier lives.

Essential 4: Maximized Oxygen & Lean Muscle

Maximized Oxygen and Lean Muscle can help reduce the damaging effects of aging. A study showed that if you learn how to exercise the right way through short bursts of maximum energy output, one can induce a “good” hormone response.

Cutting edge exercise programs that work to facilitate optimum fitness in minimal time are your best bet. Just by walking 30 minutes a day, symptoms of depression can improve faster than with pharmaceutical therapy.

Essential 5: Minimized Toxins

Minimized toxins in your body to increases its ability to permanently remove toxins from cells. The EPA reports that there are over 70,000 chemicals used commercially. These chemicals are found in:

  • household cleaners
  • plastics
  • pesticides
  • personal care products
  • foods
  • drugs
  • water
  • paints
  • fabrics
  • and floor and wall coverings.

These chemicals are leading causes of cancers, gland issues, and many of today’s common diseases.

Forge A New Path to Wellness

The road most traveled has made people sicker, unhappier, more overweight and more out of shape than ever. The modern medical model is not health care, it’s disease care. Don’t make the mistake of waiting for a crisis to think about your health.

So where does the road less traveled take us?

One five year study on Chiropractic maintenance care showed that chiropractic patients spent 31% percent less on health care and had 50% percent less medical visits than the national average. This calculates into:

  • 85% fewer pharmaceutical costs
  • 59% fewer days in the hospital
  • 60.2% fewer hospital admissions
  • 62% fewer patient surgeries.

The road less traveled can save families hundreds of thousands on healthcare while avoiding disease and suffering. This is the road beyond health care and wellness.

At New Life Chiropractic, we study health, not just disease. It’s a complete system for living. We don’t simply treat symptoms; we find and correct the cause of health problems.

The choice is clear.

You’ll be amazed at the results Max Living has the potential to help you achieve. People lose hundreds of pounds, reverse chronic diseases, rebuild immune systems, regain their energy and feel better than they have in decades.

Most importantly, children and adults alike are on a road that will continue to give them the life and health that they truly desire. Make 2023 the year you choose to live the 5 Essentials and watch your health transform!