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Bittersweet: The Sharp Bite Behind the Holiday High

Learn How to Build Your Health and Stay in Shape Over the Holidays

Millions of people struggle with the highs and lows of the Holidays. One minute you are enjoying quality time spent with family and friends and the next you are worried about money, your job, relationships, calories consumed and what to make for your Holiday dinner celebration.  Don’t stress to the max this Holiday season! Instead stay cool, calm and collected by following a few easy guidelines.

Rocklin chiropractor Dr. Tim Smith is hosting an educational event on diabetes prevention, heart disease, holiday stress tips, depression and more this November.  This event will take place from 6:30pm- 8:00pm on Monday, November 10 at New Life Chiropractic (6839 Five Star Blvd #F, Rocklin CA 95677).

Are you Pre-Diabetic?

According to the American Diabetes Association, 1 in 3 Americans are diabetic or pre-diabetic. That is more than 29.1 million people!  Many of these people assume their only option is to go to a traditional medical doctor and immediately start medication. This is not true!  At this event, guests will learn about:

  • How to find peace in a chaotic world
  • Setting attainable goals
  • Revolutionizing their diet
  • Preventing inflammatory toxic buildup by replacing disease-causing household items
  • The importance of flu adjustments
  • The warning signs of a damaged nervous system

All diseases—including diabetes and depression— are caused by cells becoming toxic, deficient, or losing the ability to function. Dr. Tim Smith, a Rocklin Chiropractor, is hosting this workshop to help local families overcome the common misconceptions surrounding diabetes and depression and their conventional medical therapies.

“The holidays are often marked by weeks or even months of overindulgence. This can cause irreparable damage to some and get even the fittest people into trouble. We tend to forget that ‘The Holidays’ aren’t really a season like football or winter; they’re just a handful of days.  So, party on those days and stay on track with your health for the others and it can be a great time, without being a harmful one,” said Dr. Tim Smith, Rocklin chiropractor at New Life Chiropractic. “With a few tips from us, you can also learn all kinds of methods to make great tasting holiday meals and desserts that won’t send the scale and your blood pressure rising through the roof.”