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The Bigness of Chiropractic: A New Paradigm for Health

The bigness of chiropractic is that our philosophy and principles are seeding a new paradigm for life, health, healing, and well-being. It is a paradigm that, in time, will replace the antiquated, mechanistic, crisis-care-and-symptom-suppression medical paradigm of so-called health care.

Chiropractic Offers An Evolved Approach to Health and Healing

Emergency, life-saving medicine will always be necessary and a salvation to all those who need this service. However, the next step to human evolution, in regard to life, health, and healing, will be:

  • To be proactive rather than reactive.
  • To support the healing process rather than to suppress the symptoms
  • To promote health rather than fight disease.

Medicine studies disease and what causes a man to die, Chiropractic studies health and what causes a man to live.

BJ Palmer, the developer of chiropractic

The MaxLiving Mission

Our mission in MaxLiving is to reach the unreached, to tell the truth, to be the voice of hope and to change the way families view and manage their health to live at their Optimum Health Potential, free of pain, medications, dysfunction, and disease.  We do this because we have a vision for the future and a vision of the way the world was intended to be.

You were not intended to be sick, to be on medications, to be in pain and to be constantly limited by your health.  You were designed to be healthy, and your body knows how to heal.

The Principle of Health

Health does not come from outside it comes from within; from Above Down Inside and Out (ADIO).  The vision is to empower families to live a healthy life, naturally. As a patient in our office, you are a part of that mission, you are a part of that vision, and you are a part of the culture of true health.  And to be truly healthy and live a life free of unnecessary suffering the most important thing you must understand is the principle of health. This principle is WHY we do what we do, why we get up early every day, why we train and why we are so invested in the health of you and your family!

That principle is simple, it states that your body is self-regulating, self-healing and you have an amazing power within you to heal and be healthy, called Innate Intelligence.  If you are not functioning and healing at your full potential, it is because there is interference to that healing power.

Your brain communicates 100% health and healing to your body every second of every day for your entire life.  That healing power is communicated to your body and back to the brain again through your nervous system.  It is your nervous system that regulates the function and health of your body, and your body will heal itself from the inside every single time.  No matter what you have going on, how long it has been there, what you have been told or what you believe, this healing power is inside of you right now and can heal your body and restore your health.  Understanding and trusting this principle will change the way you view and manage health forever.

Knowing that it is not about another drug, not your genetics, not your family history, not bad luck or more surgeries that dictate your health; it is allowing that innate healing power to be released in the body, so your body heals itself.  That is why Subluxation is so dangerous, why subluxation causes disease and takes years off your life because it interferes with that healing power.  It interferes with communication in the nervous system and interferes with your body’s ability to function and regulate health. As part of the mission to changes lives and help more people we need your help to share this principle, to giving this truth to others.

This new step means taking care of ourselves, doing something positive for our own being and physiology on a regular basis from birth till death.

  • It is understanding the natural laws that govern life, nature, and human beings, as we are part of life and nature, not separated from it.
  • It is to acknowledge the amazing innate intelligence that resides in all of us and all living things.
  • It is to stand in awe at the mystery of life and the universe, knowing that we only know and understand but a minuscule fraction of it all.
  • It is to be able to trust the inner wisdom of our bodies in guiding us, healing us, and sustaining us in health and in sickness.

Why We Don’t Need Another Therapy or Drug

The bigness of chiropractic is the realization that we do not need another therapy or a new drug to create better health. This will not help as there are countless new therapies and medications popping up every year, all promising to be the new rising shining star, only to become a falling star. It is about living from the inner guidance, from the inside out, connected to our own spirit, for natural and drug-free health for a lifetime.

When you read and study anatomy, physiology, pathology, and biochemistry as I have, you realize the ingenious design of our body.

You will realize that we have never discovered or invented anything that did not first exist in nature or within ourselves.

The bigness of chiropractic is expressed through the chiropractic adjustment, reconnecting man the physical with man the spiritual.

  • It is about reducing and removing interference so that the amazing innate intelligence of the body is able to fully express itself in the healing and regulation of your body.
  • It is a commitment to a higher level of health to improve function and move toward a state of optimal health from above down inside and out.
  • It is about standing in awe at the magic and mystery of life and implicitly trusting the power that made the body heals the body and that it does not happen any other way!

I know this was a bit deep for many of you, but it is necessary to have a paradigm shift in the way you view and manage your health to truly experience the amazing lifelong benefits of chiropractic.

How New Life Chiropractic Removes Interference to Help Our Patients Get Better Health

We get the best results because we help our patients utilize all 5 Essentials to true health to make sure to remove any interference to you feeling and more important, functioning at your best. There are solutions to help the body heal naturally without medications, shots, and surgeries.  The key is to focus on finding and correcting the cause of the problem.

The biggest cause of interference is Subluxation, the misalignment of the spine that interferes with the expression of life and healing. Our number one focus with chiropractic and the adjustment is to reduce and correct subluxation so you can have the highest expression of natural health possible and that is supported with the other essential health principles of Max Living.

Once you are well it is about staying well for a lifetime with lifetime wellness care! Thank you for being a part of our family and for joining us on the mission to empower families to live a healthy life, naturally by changing the way they view and manage health.

Would you like to help someone you know achieve a higher level of health?

Next week is patient appreciation week so you can look forward to a great week in the office and more opportunities to help those around you experience a higher level of health.

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