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How to get in the best shape of your life!

We all want to be in great physical condition. We all want to be healthy and physically fit.  So then, why aren’t we?

For many people it simply comes down to their exercise program. While some of us engage in regular exercise, but still do not achieve the desired results. If you’re like most people then you probably fall somewhere along a spectrum of being actively engaged in a specific exercise program to someone who takes a long walk one to two times per week.  While doing something is certainly better than doing nothing, sporadic approaches to exercise, and programs that fail to challenge your body in all of the key areas of fitness, are very unlikely to yield optimal results. You may not be entirely unfit, but you’re probably not truly physically fit either.

How Do You Meet This Challenge and Get in the Best Shape of YAour Life?

The key to becoming truly fit is in committing to a regular program that addresses all of the key areas that define true physical fitness;power, strength, lean muscle mass, endurance, balance, coordination, flexibility, speed and agility. Yet you also need to be realistic about your time commitments. For most people, adding a lot of extra time to their workout routine and schedule probably isn’t in the cards.

Max T3 – Getting Fit in 12 Minutes Per Session

If you don’t already have a regular exercise routine, or if the one that you do have doesn’t provide all of the essential requirements for being truly physically fit, then you can effectively round-out, or complement, your regular activities; your classes, your walks, your gym workouts, etc., and become extraordinarily fit by adding Max T3 in as few as 3 days per week for only 12 minutes per session. That comes out to a mere 36 minutes per week! Even if you happen to miss your regular walk, your class, or your trip to the gym (which we all know is going to happen every now and then), you can still be certain that your body is getting the attention that it needs in all of the key areas by practicing Max T3.

I know it seems improbable that a program that is so simple, requires so little time, so little equipment and only a minimal investment can yield all of these benefits, but the science is clear. This program has been tested all over the world, and is also used by the U.S. judo, wrestling and weight lifting teams. World-class athletes and champions depend on Max T3 to augment their own training programs and keep them in top competitive condition.

Freedom Through Movement Workshop

Freedom Through Movement Workshop.  The class is part of your 5 Essentials training and guests are welcome. Come ready to change your fitness and your life!  If you are not able to make the class check out the online platform at, which is like your own personal trainer right at home with you. Don’t have equipment?  Start with a set of exercise bands from 5lbs up to over 50lbs of tension suitable for any fitness level.

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