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Benefits of Long-Term Chiropractic Care

This month we continue the focus on my favorite Max Living Essential: Core Chiropractic. The next study comes out of JMPT in 2007. This is a self-explanatory study of the benefits of long-term chiropractic care. Some people will say,

I won’t go to a Chiropractor because I heard if you go once you have to keep going.

How many of you have heard that one before?

I can tell you with confidence that the best part about Chiropractic is that once you start under care you can keep going and the benefits of continued care just get better and better. It’s our unique advantage, not a disadvantage. It’s like wine….it gets better over time! You need to be certain about that and I will show you why.

This study observed health statistics of people over a period of time whose Primary Care Providers (PCP) were conventional Medical Doctors compared to those who had their PCP as Doctors of Chiropractic.

Remarkable Chiropractic Care Maintenance Benefits

Clinical and cost utilization based on 70,274 member-months (this is a large amount of time and people studied) over a 7-year period demonstrated decreases of 60.2% in-hospital admissions, 59.0% less hospital days, 62.0% less outpatient surgeries and procedures, and 85% less pharmaceutical costs in those who had Chiropractors as a PCP when compared with Conventional MD as a PCP in the same geography and time frame.

Those with a Chiropractor for PCP had:

  • 60% less hospital admissions
  • 62% less surgeries
  • 59% less days in hospital
  • 85% less pharmaceutical costs

Maintenance care is care that follows active care once the patient’s health status has become stable. The goal of maintenance care is to maintain the improvment that was accomplished with active treatment. – Dr. Matthew Kirkham, Back to Health Wellness Center

I will argue that Chiropractic care is one of the best investments a person can make for them and their family over a lifetime! Not just my opinion…based on the literature. It’s all about the Return on Investment! This is why living a Max Life, getting adjusted for health and prevention and putting your health first is the most important part of your life. We are here to guide you to that better health and to help everyone you know do the same thing.

Be part of the mission to save lives and share this with those you know and care about!