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Are You Losing The Battle For Your Health? Time For A New Family Doctor?

In the past ten years, talking to thousands of people, I’ve very rarely had anyone dispute the fact that children are getting sicker and sicker (and so are adults). Since medical physicians and the drug industry have been granted universal control over the well-being of our children, the failure of kids to thrive should cause a thinking man or woman to question the pediatric medical process. There’s good and bad in everything – so to blindly follow a struggling health care model is obviously unwise.

If you didn’t know that we were losing the battle for our health, all you have to do is check the scoreboard.  Showing the numbers has been tough since the actual numbers have always appeared to be mysteriously sequestered – assumedly because full disclosure would not bode well for the guardians of our children’s health. After all, if a coach has a losing record one year and gets worse the next and the next, he gets fired.

The Numbers Don’t Lie – Americans ARE Losing the Battle For Their Kids Health

The chart below has numbers that cannot be disputed. They come from IMS Health which is the pharmaceutical industry’s official numbers purveyor.  These facts have to be right on-the-money because they sell their information to investors and heads of industry:

Condition Total With Condition Total Age 0-9 Total Age 10-19
Asthma 45,388,000 28,252,000 17,136,000
ADHD 24,357,000 7,018,000 17,339,000
Antidepressants 9,614,000 1,026,000 8,558,000
Antipsychotics 6,546,000 1,396,000 5,150,000
Antihypertensives 5,224,000 1,819,000 3,405,000
Sleep Aids 307,000 14,000 293,000
Non-insulin (“Adult” on-set) Diabetes 424,000 30,000 394,000
Statins (Cholesterol lowering drugs now given to kids) 94,000 11,000 83,000

These are just some of the numbers clearly showing that we’re losing the battle to raise healthy kids.  The Wall Street Journal just published an article called, “So Young and So Many Pills – More than 25% of Kids and Teens in the U.S. Take Prescriptions on a Regular Basis”.

This number does not include the occasional round of antibiotics or the regular use of over the counter drugs.  With more than 1 in 4 children taking prescriptions on a permanent basis (and more than 7% taking 2 or more), any owner of any sports team would fire the coach in charge.

The report states that the trend is moving up and up for drug use and therefore our health is moving steadily down.  For example, Antihypertensive (high blood pressure) drugs in kids 19 and under will be up a shocking 17% from 2007. I doubt most people know that kids even take high blood pressure meds.

Are You Exposing Your Kids To Dangerous Side Effects?

To combat the bad news, the medical industry in a very “Thank you for smoking manner” always responds in two ways.

  1. “We’re simply more able to diagnose the condition today”
  2. “The drugs are proven safe and effective.”

Clearly, however, better diagnosis doesn’t explain away millions and millions more seriously ill children and adults.   And as far as safety – these medications haven’t been tested on children and all come with a long list of dangerous side-effects.

The article quotes Danny Benjamin, a Duke University pediatrics professor who says:

Most medications that could be prescribed to children on a chronic basis haven’t been tested specifically in kids.  We know we’re making errors in dosing and safety.

Dr. Benjamin is leading a new National Institutes of Health initiative to study drugs in children.

How Can You Win The Battle For Your Kids Health?

The obvious solution is changing to a culture that is proactive in growing health in children.  Invest in being well so you don’t have to feel like you need aggressive means to get well.

When symptoms do first arise, investigating a return to wellness should always be the first approach.  Parents and doctors should always explore non-drug alternatives where possible.

In extreme cases, medicine plays a very important role.  By establishing health, however, that role should be limited if we’re to start winning instead of losing in an area that’s not a game.

Who is your Drug-Free, Wellness Doctor?

Families here at New Life Chiropractic aren’t seeing rising conditions of any kind. They’re not seeing increases in the use of any type of medication, in fact we are seeing the exact opposite!

This, I’m sure, does not come as a surprise to anyone.  These families pursue the 5 Essentials of REAL health and manage to avoid drugs over 90% of the time in their homes.  This isn’t done through suffering or taking risks, just following a constructive instead of a destructive lifestyle.  Many, many medical doctors are turning this direction, but don’t wait for the system to change, make the change for your family today!

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