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Why Back Surgery Fails..And What To Do Instead

Today I want to talk to you about why back surgery fails and why it’s the worst thing you could ever do for your health.

I subscribe to this magazine here, which I definitely recommend. It’s called, What Doctors Don’t Tell You”. I’m going to go through some of the recent research about why back surgery fails and why it’s the worst thing you could ever do for your health.

Last year there were half a million Americans that underwent back surgery for low back pain alone at a cost of more than $11 billion with a B, and what it says here is that only 1% of patients with low back pain got a complete resolution. 99% of these people, half a million people who got that surgery, either still had problems, were worse or even permanently disabled.

Watch this video to learn why back surgeries should be avoided at all costs!

Watch the video now!

Prefer to read? Here’s the gist of what else Dr. Tim spoke about in this video clip.

Back Surgeries Leave Human Wreckage In Their Wake

It says here that back surgeries are leaving more human wreckage in their wake than any other operation in history. Most people progressively got worse! It even continues to say one-third of all surgery patients had complications after the surgery.

  • One-tenth – 10% were permanently disabled.
  • More than 25% required another operation.
  • Three-quarters of these patients had to continue to take very dangerous opioid medications because they were still in pain.

That is insane!

Now I see many of these people coming in with the same symptoms that get a natural drug free solution from us. Many times they get off the pain medications they were prescribed including:

  • Muscle relaxers
  • Opioids
  • Tylenol
  • Ibuprofen
  • Codein
  • Vicodin
  • All kinds of stuff!

They are able to resume normal functions with no side effects. It’s all about fixing the cause of the problem.

Case Study of a Patient Who Avoided Back Surgery

This is one example of a patient that came in who had disc problems who was recommended for surgery by his doctor because he had chronic low back pain.

  • He could no longer exercise.
  • He was in severe pain every day.
  • He was taking multiple medications.
  • He had a complete loss of normal function.

Instead of following through with the doctor’s recommendations of getting back surgery, he came in for restorative corrective chiropractic care.

This was his x-ray when he first started care. Now we did a motion film of his low back. This is him actually bending to the right side. This is supposed to bend all the way over. The discs sit right here.

You don’t just injure a disc suddenly. It takes over 25,000 bad movements over the course of years to damage a disc. We can’t even see degenerative change on an X-Ray for over 10 years, so by the time you’re experiencing the low back pain, especially chronically, by the time you’re getting numbness, tingling, sciatica into the leg or you’re losing function, you can know that it’s likely been there for many, many years to get to that point.

The problem with surgery is it doesn’t fix this. It fuses it together. It takes out the damaged discs, it cuts down into some of the bone.

This is temporary and may cause more issues because now the areas above and below also start breaking down and become damaged, which is why you have more pain, why you have more surgeries, and then, of course, you’re stuck in a permanently disabled state.

That’s not good!

This patient underwent six months of restorative corrective care and this was his x-ray six months later.

  • He had complete restoration of function.
  • The discs were able to heal.
  • No more chronic low back pain.
  • No more numbness and tingling in the legs.

He also had digestive problems and other health issues which is common with back problems because of the very same nerves. He canceled the surgery and he’s now getting normal function in his life. This is not a rare occurrence. I see this many, many times.

Our Recovery Rates Blow Back Surgery Out of The Water!

In fact over the last 10 years for patients that came in with the same problems they would get surgery for, I can think of only one person who actually had to go and get back surgery because it was so far gone and they waited till it was at its absolute worst to go ahead and do something about that.

So the whole purpose of sharing this video is because I want to help you avoid the fate of a failed back surgery.

Even the surgeons who are honest will tell you that they see a success rate of about 8%-13%. That’s pretty common in the medical literature. But if you really dive into it, like I just shared with you from their own medical research, it shows that really only about 1%, one in a hundred, are really successful.

So it’s $100,000 surgery and you have a 1% chance of success. That’s not very good.

There is a better way. There is a natural drug-free solution.

This is exactly the type of care that we do here in the office. So if you’re suffering from back pain, sciatica, numbness and tingling, disc-related problems, and you have been recommended for surgery, but you don’t want to go that route, we can help you.

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