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Does My Baby Need Chiropractic Care?

Does your baby need chiropractic care? Today Dr. Catherine will show you three ways that you can check your infant to see if they need chiropractic care.

3 Ways to Check Your Infant for Subluxation

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Check 1 – Muscle Tone

I have my little doll here. One of the big things that you want to check for is overall tone in your infant.

  • Are they kinda floppy?
  • Are they not really extending their arms?

Most infants, even though they’re hours old, have some kind of tone to their body. They’re stiff, and they’re rigid. That would be one thing to look out for.

Check 2 – Head Tilt

Another thing would be overall head tilt. In pictures or when your baby is playing, does their head tilt from one side or do they favor it to another side?

If you are nursing your baby, this is another great way to see if they are favoring one side to the other. So do they like your left side or your right side? If they do, that can be an indication that there may be some upper cervical issues going on or stuff going on in their neck. That’s definitely something that you want to get checked out.

Check 3 – Head Lie

And one final test that you can do is the head lie test. So what you want to do is have your baby lay down and you want to just pull them up by their hands. Get a nice good grip, and you want to be watching to see if the baby tries to pick their head up as you pull them up.

A positive test for this or an indication that they would need to get further care is if their head drags behind them. This can be an indication that there’s some type of neurological delay going on, and that can predispose them to things later on in life. Things like autism, ADD, and ADHD.


So if you have any more questions or comments about chiropractic care for your infant, let us know. And go ahead and get your baby checked today to set them up for a lifetime of health.

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