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B Vitamin Deficiency's Sizable Increase to Heart Attack Risk

When you get stressed, one of the things that happen is your B vitamins get depleted in your body.

Now, what do B vitamins do? B vitamins affect your blood vessels in your cardiovascular system because of something called homocysteine.

Heart Disease is a Major Symptom of B Vitamin Deficiency!

If homocysteine levels are off, you will have elevated cholesterol. The two combined lead to a lot more damage to your cells, your tissues, and your blood vessels. This damage increases your heart attack risk by four times!

So, deficiency in B vitamins is four times more dangerous than having high cholesterol. Whoever told you that before? Nobody ever tells you that.

Where can you get B vitamins naturally?

  • Vegetables like broccoli, collard greens and kale.
  • Certain types of nuts.
  • Good grass fed beef.

The Role of Stress

If you’re stressed all the time, your B vitamins will quickly deplete. In people with chronic stress B vitamin deficiency happens all the time. From our metabolic tests in the office, we’ve found that almost 95% of our patients have B vitamin deficiency. 95%!  All of those people are at risk for heart disease and other types of problems because of their B vitamin deficiency.


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