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It's Spring Again. How Can I Avoid Allergies?

sneezing coldSoon, Spring will be upon us. For many people, that means allergy season is coming along with it.  Allergies are the fifth most common chronic condition in the United States.

One in five people suffers from allergy or asthma symptoms.  The symptoms can include things like:

  • Itchy eyes
  • Sneezing
  • Coughing
  • Congestion
  • Trouble breathing.

Basically, no fun!

But should you have to suffer through these things on a yearly basis? The answer is No.

What Causes Allergies?

The immune system is in charge of keeping your body safe from outside substances that may be harmful. It recognizes and destroys any foreign material that gets into your system.  An allergy is an abnormal response by the immune system to a normally harmless substance or allergen in the environment.

When an allergen enters the body and meets with the body’s immune cells, a chemical called histamine is released. This chemical causes the allergic response made up of the above symptoms.

Essentially, allergies are the physical expression of our bodies overreacting to things from our environment and an inability to adapt to this stress.

But what is causing this abnormal response? Allergies are one of those conditions that respond well to improving your true health. By true health, we mean actual body function. This makes perfect sense.

If allergies are the “overreaction” to what’s happening around you, then improving the body’s ability to function and take care of itself would have to help.

How Improving Your Bodies Ability To Function Helps Reduce Allergies

Function is your “normal state”. We change from normal by doing things to our bodies that interfere with function. 3 types of stress interfere with “normal” functions: thoughts, traumas, and toxins.

  • Toxins will certainly interfere with normal immune function and your body’s ability to adapt to the environment around you.
  • Now medicines (over the counter and prescribed) can change symptoms; however, they can’t create true health because they are always toxic.  That’s why all drugs have side effects.
  • Poor diet, particularly one where foods have been chemically treated, genetically modified, and/or machine processed, all interfere.
  • Another culprit is stress or a lack of consistent movement or exercise.
  • One often overlooked interference is the interference on the nerve system caused by the spine – Subluxation.

Many people visit the chiropractor but do not understand the true potential and power that lies within. The brain controls everything in the body, including the immune system. If communication is blocked between the two by a misaligned spine (subluxation), there’s interference and an abnormal reaction occurs.

Got Allergies? Then Get Normal.

If seasonal allergies are driving you nuts, then do what you can to begin functioning normally again. Keep in mind that this is a condition of the immune system, the system warding off infection, cancers, and other serious conditions. Itchy eyes are only a sign that imbalance lurks beneath the surface and you should spend every day working on what is real true health.

Here at New Life Chiropractic we utilize all 5 Essentials of Max Living, which leads to true health to max out good immunity and remove any interference to your feeling and more importantly, functioning at your best.

If you need a specific plan to get your body in alignment, talk to Lisa about scheduling an individual Nutrition Review to discuss your health goals and create a specific plan for you! Make sure you are getting to all of your adjustments and getting plenty of rest to optimize your immune system!

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