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A Chiropractor in Rocklin Helps Relieve Construction Workers' Stress

The construction industry relies on an army of workers pulling together on a variety of infrastructure projects, but the daily toll on their bodies needs to be addressed. Lisa Beverley claims, in her article for SelfGrowth:

No physical activity involved in the profession can definitely take its toll at the end of the person. The hard work involved in carrying out a construction project, such as loading and unloading of construction materials, handling some awkward and repetitive manual tasks that involve bending, climbing, lifting can definitely cause a huge strain on the back.

These, plus the need to work on the demand point that the construction worker in good shape and have a good balance at all times. Chiropractic care can help people achieve this. Chiropractors offer services specifically designed to deal with such cases.

This is relevant for Rocklin, CA. The “Family Community” has a smattering of construction and home improvement companies that know the importance of having their crews in great shape. If you’re feeling something’s wreaking havoc on your body, as a result of long hours at the work site, book an appointment with a chiropractor from Rocklin like Dr. Tim Smith, D.C. of New Life Chiropractic.

Bad Back

The back is often one of the first to get hit by pain when carrying heavy objects, like a pile of wood or bags of cement that have to be mixed on-site. Digging also exacerbates the problem, with frequent twisting of the spine when moving the shovels. When you couple it with incorrect posture, even the spine could feel the vibrations from the frequent use of jackhammers or earth borer drills. Handheld equipment also raises the danger of carpal tunnel syndrome.


A skilled chiropractor has a variety of solutions to help you. Active release techniques, for instance, are designed to gradually realign the spine, while spinal decompression helps ease the pressure on the vertebrae.

The treatment will not just lie on the spinal realignment side of things. Your chiropractor may also suggest nutritional and safety options to better protect your body at the workplace. One such option would be to put heavy loads near an opening, like a truck bed, and lift them with as many people as possible to distribute the weight. You may be asked to properly organize your tool belt, or experiment with different postures.

The success of a construction project is never measured by how many workers were left a wreck from the pressure of completing it within schedule. Every person on the line counts, and having a Rocklin, CA chiropractor like Dr. Tim Smith, DC treat workers leaves them with enough energy for their loved ones at the end of the day.

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