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5 Essentials Care for the Whole Family [Video FAQ]

5 essentials care for the whole family video blog

Today, I want to talk about 5 essentials care for the whole family.

You might be saying, “What’s this 5 Essentials all about?”

Well here in our office and with Max Living we focus on five key essentials to living a healthy lifestyle.

5 Essentials Care – Keys to a Healthy Lifestyle

Watch the video now! Prefer to read? Here’s the gist of what else Dr. Tim spoke about in this video clip.

How to Create a Healthy Foundation

Essential #1 – Chiropractic Care

The foundation of a healthy lifestyle is chiropractic care. The reason why is that your spine regulates the function of your nervous system. Your nervous system regulates and controls all health and healing in your body.

So as long as your spine is working well, your nervous system is working well and that means your body is healthy, regulating normal function, repairing, regenerating, and healing as designed.

Essential #2 – Nutrition

Number two is we want to focus on a good healthy nutrition plan. Now I know there’s gonna be ups and downs throughout the year and we have different highs and lows when it comes to nutrition. But if you
can have a base nutrition plan you stick with consistently, you’re gonna have much more success in your health.

So with Max Living, we talk about different nutrition plans:

  • core plan
  • advanced plan

We help guide people in specific plans, nutrition testing, gut health, supplementation, and detoxification. All different ways to make sure your nutrition is specific to your health needs and your health goals.

Essential #3 – Mindset

Number three, we want to make sure you have a good mindset because an improper mindset can really take you off track with these things. Sometimes we have the best intentions but the follow through, the consistency, is just not there. And I think this may be the biggest barrier to better health for most patients.

  • That means that they’re missing visits.
  • They’re falling off track with their care.
  • They’re not doing their recommended home care as we prescribed for them.
  • They’re not really following that nutrition plan, they know they should do that would benefit them.
  • They’re not really exercising as they should.
  • They’re not really taking their supplements consistently.

It’s easy to fall off track with these things and a big part of that is the mindset. So when stuff comes up, what I encourage you and what I really inspire you to do is push in, not pull out.

This means that if you’re having a struggle, maybe you get sick and you have a cold or the flu or maybe you’re diagnosed with a condition, or you’re in more pain, or something new or different comes up. Don’t shy away, don’t move to that fear based model. Don’t stop doing all the good things that you’re doing and run straight to your doctor for a diagnosis or a new medication. I encourage you to let us know, which means coming for extra visits.

When I’m not feeling well, or if I feel like I’m coming down with something:

  • I get adjusted more often.
  • I improve my nutrition even more.
  • I increase my supplementation.
  • I do all the healthy things at a higher level so my body can heal itself and it works.

So I encourage you to do the same thing if you’re not feeling well, give us a call to schedule some extra visits. Do everything you can to not fall behind in your care and stay consistent. Do everything you can to create consistent healthy habits around exercise, around eating well, around your chiropractic and home care.

Essential #4 – Exercise

Once you do all these things we can start looking more in depth on how do we create a good exercise and fitness program for you?

Essential #5 – Minimize Toxins

And finally, how can we make sure you’re eliminating toxins from your body, from your cells and tissues, from your lifestyle, from your environment?

That’s what the five essentials are all about.

Weekly Five Essentials Tips

If you look behind me, this is our Five Essentials Wall in our office. Every week, we’re updating tips on how you can improve in this area.

Every week we put out a newsletter that shares timely information on a health topic like:

  • The benefits of chiropractic care and how it boosts your immune system
  • Different nutrients that help improve your immune function
  • Different supplements like vitamin D, zinc, and vitamin C improve your immunity and decrease viral load to reduce the amount of time that you’re sick.

So if you did these things you wouldn’t have to manage or treat the symptoms, you can actually help your body heal and you get better a lot faster and you recover quicker and you get sick less often.

We are here for you. So when you have stuff come up, remember, turn in not out. Do more, not less. Don’t live in fear, feel empowered to know that you have the guidance and support to get healthy naturally and help your body heal itself.

That’s what we do here.

So I encourage you come to the next five essentials class, pick up the newsletter each week, read the five essentials boards, try to never miss an appointment and if you do make it up right away, and get your whole family under care, because that’s when you really start living this Max Living Five Essentials lifestyle and you’ll really see the benefits of what you do.

Want More Educational Videos Like This?

If you want to learn more about how you can get to the cause of your pain, stress issues and your health problems and find a natural drug free solution check us out online or call the office. We have hundreds of videos on our Youtube channel that you can look at and there’s all kinds of other resources that we post to other social media channels to help you live a healthier life, naturally.

Have you had the opportunity to join us at one of our community education events yet? During the community education events, Dr. Tim sifts through all of the knowledge out there to bring you key information about how to get healthy and stay that way and shares answers to frequently asked questions on chiropractic care and healthy eating. Contact our office to learn about upcoming classes.