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5 Dangers of Sitting All Day Long [Video FAQ]

This video is going to actually be in two parts. Today we’re going to talk about 5 of the top 10 dangers of sitting. Most people now have a job where they sit the majority of their day. If they’re not doing that, they’re spending time on their cell phone, their computer, their tablet, watching TV, driving from place to place.

Why is Sitting So Dangerous to Your Health?


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We’re at a time we have an unprecedented amount of postural degenerative physical stress on our bodies from excess sitting.

Danger #1: Increased Risk For Heart Disease

When you sit often you’re going to have an increased risk for heart disease. In fact, your risk for heart disease doubles and the reason why that happens is because when you’re sitting it decreases blood flow.

When you decrease blood flow, your blood tends to thicken and pool. This can cause atherosclerosis. This can cause increases in blood pressure, increases in cholesterol, and it’s weakening your body. When you’re not moving, your heart is actually getting weaker.

Danger #2: Diabetes

We have a huge increased risk of diabetes, especially type two. In fact, one in three people is either diabetic or prediabetic. Now when you’re sitting, what that does is it decreases your movement which causes fat storage and increases your blood sugar because you’re not moving as much.

So if you’re putting on more weight and you’re increasing your blood sugar, that’s a recipe for type two diabetes.

Danger #3: Postural Stress & Early Death

The amount of postural stress sitting puts on your body causes a distortion in your posture, specifically your head going forward. Multiple research articles have shown that the further your head goes forward the greater the increase in all cause mortality, which means that sitting will actually cause early death.

Danger #4: Increase Risk of Cancer

The reason why this happens is when you’re sitting more often, you’ll have an increase in insulin and higher insulin in your bloodstream increases what’s called tumor growth factor, which actually causes growth of tumor cells and cancer cells in your body. Plus it weakens your immune system because you’re not moving as much causing a decreased immune response.

Danger #5: Increase in Pancreas Disease

We already talked about the increases of insulin. When insulin goes up and it’s regularly high in your bloodstream, that decreases your insulin response, which means that your body doesn’t respond well to that insulin leading to type two diabetes, and causing excess stress on the pancreas. And it can cause a lot of pancreas related issues.

So in the next video, we’re going to go through the other five dangers of sitting and what you can do to start changing that on a regular basis.

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