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Sample Meal Plan

If you take a look at what people in the US eat on a regular basis, it is horrible. The diets people consume are far from ideal. Take a look at all of the people suffering from cancer, diabetes, heart disease and obesity. The numbers continue to grow from one year to the next.

Before you know it, you could find yourself falling prey to one of these devastating conditions and trying to figure out what you should be doing next. However, there is something you can do to turn things around for the better. There is an abundance of new research that indicates that you can prevent these diseases from striking you by means of quality nutrition.

Don’t worry; even if you already have one of these conditions, you can do something about reversing it and restoring your body to health. All it takes is a willingness to change the way you live. The Maximized Living Nutrition Plans book is loaded with resources, recipes and tools to help you make the changes you need to succeed.

Check out some of the sample meal plans below:

Day 1
Breakfast Enjoy a delicious strawberry smoothie.
Lunch Down some scrumptious tomato soup with a tuna salad sandwich.
Snack Munch on some yummy whole grain tortillas dipped in a guacamole or salsa dip.
Dinner Eat some tasty roasted vegetables, coleslaw and a quarter cup of hemp seeds.
Day 2
Breakfast Mix up some tasty eggs Florentine.
Lunch Try some delicious stuffed Portobello.
Snack Grab some hummus, veggies and crackers for a simple treat.
Dinner Warm up with a bowl of chili.
Day 3
Breakfast Tantalize your taste buds with a tasty tangerine smoothie.
Lunch Go for an old favorite with taco salad on a bed of brown rice and greens.
Snack Hit the trail with some trail mix.
Dinner Mix up some chicken salad and lay it out on a bed of greens. Top it with some tasty almonds.

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