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Because of the incredible health results we see regularly in our clinics, we desire to reach as many people as possible inside and outside of our community. That is why we’re proud to be part of the most powerful chiropractic movement in the world today. Through Maximized Living and the 5 Essentials, we can help schools, churches, sports teams, businesses and even other nations overcome disease and get in shape.

The Wellness Advisory Council was established to bring the 5 Essentials to athletes and teams at every competitive level. From pee-wees to pros to world champions, our complete system of living has given thousands of athletes the edge over their competition. Our team of WAC doctors adjusted the 2010 MLS Cup champion Colorado Rapids and have cared for a number of gold-medal-winning athletes. The WAC helps us push sports performance to the next level.

The first overseas Maximized Living Health Center opened in Africa in 2010. This state-of-the-art facility is one of a kind on the continent, and has served as the basis for future clinics spreading the truth about health and healing in underserved countries. Next up? We’ll be taking the 5 Essentials to St. Vincent and the Grenadines in the Caribbean.

We invite you to take part in the global, life-changing event that epitomizes the influence of Maximized Living. Our makeover program teaches you all the ins and outs of building a disease-free body and a clutter-free mind. From real quality nutrition to spinal adjustments, we break your health down into simple concepts that are easy to understand and even easier to implement. Ask your doctor about the next Maximized Living Makeover. And remember: You can always bring a friend.

We challenge local churches to build a passionate, healthy congregation. We provide organizations with the training, tools and a makeover-style event to revitalize their people. Teamwork helps create strong, lasting results. By challenging and supporting a church group as a whole, we know we can help at least one person overcome a health struggle.

In our newest program, we aim to help secure a bright, healthy future for our children. Maximized Living has developed Spectrum of Solutions to help families everywhere overcome childhood disease. From autism to cancer, Asperger’s to diabetes, the leaders of this program work tirelessly to discover natural ways to help the world’s youth develop healthy brains and bodies.



Focus leads to dedication, and dedication breeds results. Now that you’re mentally prepared to improve your quality of life, click here to see how Maximized Living has helped thousands of people get healthy without prescription pills or surgeries.

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